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    Roger Carrick

    We need to come up with a design for an ergo rig.

    This is a REALLY nice rig. And its not too complicated. Anyone want to put together a SolidWorks assembly based on this design?



    I made some quick notes re: design requirements. The design should the following:

    -Seat angle adjustments
    -Steering wheel placement in the x-z plane. Be able pivot at some point in order to adjust steering wheel angle
    -Front roll hoop adjustment. In the x and z axes
    -Pedal assembly placement + adjustments

    Bonus features:
    -Simulate real car specs like ride height and side impact structure tubes.

    Aside from getting key base dimensions for chassis features, another main objective of the ergo rig is to assess the ergonomics of cockpit. Things like elbow room, leg room, knee room, visibility over roll hoop and egress capabilities, is something that’s very difficult to determine in CAD.

    Since we don’t have a stereo vision to pick up targets, the the magnitude of adjustability must be either known or accurately measurable so that we can correctly dimension our real life settings in CAD. Let me know if anyone is stuck with this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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