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    I’ve been doing some research and some scrap yard calling, and I’ve found a great source for engines, these are the options we have;

    -2007 Honda 600RR
    -2009 Yamaha FZR-6 I have one with only 642KM
    -2006 Suzuki GSX-R 600

    All these engines are available for $1000, and come with everything we need to get this running on our own (except for maybe a fuel pump).

    I’ve had experience with the f4i in the past, and while these engines are the same (aka, the stock performance is close, but meaningless to us because we’re going to be restricting the air flow, making our own exhaust, and having our own tune) the R6 is packaged a little nicer. Take a look at Design Projects > Engine Test Rig Work folder in our Shared Drive (now called Lassonde Motorsports) to see the models.

    Another advantage with getting the R6 is support…Ryerson’s team has been using R6’s for years, so I’m sure they can help us out if we need it.

    Regarding single cylinder options, both Roger and myself have been looking around, and I don’t think we can find a suitable engine in our price range. To get an electric start + EFI’d dirt bike/snowmobile/ATV engine, we’d have to purchase something that is around ’08/’09 and buy the entire thing to pull the engine…and that looks like it will cost us at minimum $4000.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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