Questions? Here are the ones we receive most frequently.


How much is the weekly time commitment?

At least 2 hours, but this may vary throughout the term depending on workload. There is no rule on the number of hours you should spend in the club room, but the more the better.


When do you meet? How frequently?

There are no set times for work, but we do have deadlines to finish work by. The club room is a place we hang out whenever we are free, and we work on our projects whenever we can. Don’t hesitate to stop by the club room even if you don’t have any work to do, someone will most likely be inside.


What role will I be assigned to? Do I get to choose?

Depending on the present conditions, our leaders may direct you to certain subteams; but you are free to switch to a subteam you like better if you don’t want to work on any specific areas. We want you to enjoy your involvement and won’t force you to do things you don’t want. However, not doing anything is not an option and will lead to your removal of your member privileges.


How do you communicate / collaborate?

We use Discord as our communication platform, and share all our documents on Google Drive. Each sub-team has its own repository, and members can collaborate on designs and documentation.


I am not an ____ engineer. Can I still get involved?

Of course! We are open to all York University students as a ratified club. Make sure to fill out the membership form and come talk to us to help us find you a role in the team.


Can I drive the car?

Driver selection is an important matter. Every candidate will be evaluated by their dimensions, experience and driving performance. Make sure to indicate your interest when time comes to select the driver.


What are some useful skills to have / things to know as a team member?

A general understanding of cars, and more specifically Formula SAE cars is necessary. We provide an introduction package with the most important resources and have more in the shared repository. SolidWorks is the CAD software we use and knowing its use will be important for members involved in design activities. We occasionally organize SolidWorks workshops and mechanical and space engineers are taught its use in MECH/ESSE 2401.